C program to print a rhombus pattern ?


A Pattern printing program in C takes input from the user and prints the pattern in a size specified by the user.Basically creating source code for this type of programs increases the logical thinking,which is a must qualification for any programmer.I am currently using Nested for loop concept to print this Rhombus pattern,you can do it any other way you like.Let’s break down the source code part into 3 simple steps for better understanding. Continue reading

Create your own Run command?

Run commands allows the User to perform tasks at ease and it skips the work of searching for the program.Default Run commands like regedit ,sndvol,colorcpl,cmd etc are pre-installed in windows.Even a user can create his own run commands for programs which he uses frequently.The programs maybe a computer game,software,recovery program or whatever.All Default run commands are actually stored in c:\windows\systeem32 folder.So copying executable of User’s program and pasting it in the  c:\windows\systeem32 creates a Run command.To test it just open Run program and Type the name of the executable pasted in the System32 folder. Continue reading

How to permantly block a site on your PC ?

It’s possible to block a Website using this manual and simple trick.Whenever User types any domain name in the address bar,the browser actually sends a request to the DNS servers for the Respective Ip Address of that website.So,Every browser before sending requests to DNS server checks the hosts file present in the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\   for IP Address of the domain name entered in the address bar.So adding invalid IP Addresses entries to the hosts file will result in the Ridirection of browser to an Invalid site.User Will experience below error message. Continue reading

Extract audio file from a Youtube video ?

It is very easy to extract just audio of a youtube video.There are times, you don’t get a .mp3 file you desired by searching for it in Google.In that case, just search for that in youtube, it may be a recently released music album, a song, or any podcast or anyting you love.Copy the youtube link of that video and paste it in http://www.vidtomp3.com.Then hit the download button.You will discover it’s the best way to download a .mp3 file from Internet.It’s even applicable for MySpace, Vimeo, Google video Continue reading

Orate Name of the song to Play It ?

The application is developed in Visual basic 2010 on .Net framework 4.0. This program makes use of windows media library in windows 7.Its important that you require a External microphone connected to you PC and Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 installed.This program works only in windows 7 and above versions.This program doesn’t work in previous versions of windows as they do not have speech recognition facility.This program works even more wonderfully if you train your default speech profile located under “Ease of Access” in the control panel.There few a few basic commands that you can familiarize yourself with :-say  “Play Artist[artist you wish to play]“
eg:- play Artist David guetta Continue reading